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Chubby Rewards®

Only at Participating Locations. Visit your local Chubby Charlies® for more info.

How does it work?

It's Easy!






Earn a Reward

Every 50 Points

  • How do i join Chubby Rewards?
    Visit: Then, Make sure you Check off "Yes, I Would Like to Join Chubby Charlies Rewards!" That's all!
  • How do i earn Chubby Points?
    It's Easy! Just Keep Eating Pizza! All jokes aside, every Dollar you spend awards you 1 Chubby Point.
  • What do I get with my Chubby Points?
    At 50 Chubby Points, you automatically recieve a Reward Code in your Account. Once you hit 50 Points, your points reset to 0.
  • I had Chubby Points, but where did they go?"
    Your Reward Item is only good for 30 Days. So, be sure to Redeem it before it's gone for good!
  • I already have an Online Order Account, how do I Sign-up for Loyalty?"
    Simply Call your local Chubby Charlies and we will just need a bit more information from you to get you started.
  • What rewards can I redeem?
    Currently, we are offering a FREE Chubby Bread everytime you reach 50 Chubby Points. Once you reach 50, your reward will automatically be added to your account. You will recieve an email once you earn your reward.
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