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Create your own Pizza


Personal 8" (Original Round) 4 Slices. Only Create your own


Small Cheese 10" (Original Round, Thin Crust, Deep Dish) 6 Slices


Medium Cheese 12" (Original Round or Thin Crust) 8 Slices


Large Cheese 14" (Original Round, Thin Crust, Deep Dish) 10 Slices


X-Large Cheese (Original Round or Thin Crust) 12 Slices


Chubby 8's (8 Corner Deep Dish) 8 Slices

Traditional Toppings

Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Italian Sausage, Beef, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Onion, Black Olive, Mild Pepper Rings, Jalapeno, Pineapple & Tomato.

Premium Toppings

Old School Pepperoni, Pesto, Extra Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella, Feta Cheese, Fresh Spinach, Artichokes, Fresh Garlic, Red Onions, Roasted Red Pepper, Prosciutto, Steak, Hot Capicola, Meatballs, Chicken, Salami & Anchovies

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